Bathroom Design Ideas for Elderly

Monday, May 13th 2013. | Tips

bathroom design ideas for elderlyBathroom is an important part in our homes. Ranging from small children to adult, even for an elderly person whose name is definitely in dire need of a bathroom. We will discuss a bit about some of the things that are important in making a bathroom design ideas for elderly.

Designing a bathroom is not the same as designing other rooms in the building. When we designing a bathroom for elderly. Ā There are many things that need to being notice, like the determination of a room filler material safe for users. Design for the bathroom is not the same old; require high security due to no harm to its users. When someone turned up then we cannot deny that the human senses traffic diminishing or declining. It can make a person with advanced age had an accident while in the bathroom, but did not rule out the possibility that the elderly in the bathroom needs is increasing.

For that, we need a bathroom design for the elderly that can create a sense of security and do not rule out the possibility that the elderly can use the bathroom independently and without the help of others. Here are some things to consider making a bathroom design idea for elderly.

Layout design of the bathroom

Bathrooms for the elderly should be built in the bedroom or blend with the living room. This is necessary because the elderly spend most of his time in the bedroom and the living room so the seniors have the freedom to access their bathroom without the hassle.

Bathroom furniture design

In choosing or creating a bathroom design for the elderly preferred choosing furniture that is not slippery, and it is no less important is the grip or the handle is intended to facilitate the elderly to walk or stand. In addition, it should be better to use a toilet sitting as would facilitate the elderly to stand when finished shitting. Try contrived arrangement curved, like the determination of the bathtub curve.

Design lighting and air circulation in the bathroom

Bathroom need an air circulation is good enough so that the bathroom does not feel stuffy or stale. This can be done by multiplying the ventilation in the bathroom so that the circulation of air flowing smoothly in the bathroom. In addition, of course, can provide adequate lighting both in the morning until the afternoon, but we can at night to use a special light to the election with a small wattage is intended that the radiation or bathroom does not feel too hot.